💔 [Video] : This Owner threw his Dog off Shelter Wall to Abandon it

Heartbreaking footage captures 2 men throwing their frightened dog over shelter home's wall at night before running away

When the world is moving towards more love for pets in general, we come across some news that shatters our utopian beliefs. Just last week, a shelter home in Texas, Seguin Animal Services, saw 2 men arriving in an SUV in the middle of the night, to throw their dog over the 6-feet metal railing into the shelter home.

Apparently, it is believed that these guys may have been trying to avoid the compulsory fee for legally leaving the dog at the shelter home when it is open in the day time. A manhunt is ongoing to find the culprits who could be seen fleeing northbound in their SUV as seen in this video below :


One can see in this video, how the poor dog is desperately trying to keep its balance as the men repeatedly shove it before it tumbles to the ground appearing as though it will land head first. This went viral on social media when people from all around the world were horrified and said it was lucky it didn't get injured.

At this point, the dog is still seen running towards its owner in hopes to take him out from behind the metal railing but to no avail. 

We, at Doglost, wholeheartedly condemn this act of negligence and cruelty, and hopes the perpetrators are caught immediately. Would love to hear what you guys have to say in the comments below. Please share this article to anyone who needs to see this. This will help us spread the word.

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  • A despicable act, but… at least they didn’t abandon it at the side of the road or a deserted place in the countryside. Here the poor dog will be looked after. I am by no means condoning what they did, but they did, in their warped way, provide for the dog.

    Gloria Johnson
  • It may well be more aappropriate if a few Dog Lovers got hold of these Vile Specimens and dealt with them before handing them in by slinging them over the Walls of Broadmoor.

    Jenny Keane
  • Poor little sausage looks so sad, I don’t know how anyone can do this.

  • Only one thing to do. Throw the men off a cliff at night making sure you judge them over

    Sylvia meade1@btinternet.com
  • Would love to have a law that insists bastards like this must spend an hour in a room full of animal lovers and anything goes.


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