5 Signs your Dog needs a Bath [Hint: Not Always]

Does your Dog really need a Bath? How do you decide?

We are inundated with reasons why we should or should not bath our pooch so many times a year. The reality is, your dog needs a bath when they need a bath. If your 2-year-old child decided to paint the walls with their spaghetti at lunchtime but got more on themselves than your wall (thankfully), you’re not about to make them wait until bath time to get clean, are you?

So how you do know your dog needs a bath? We’ve compiled our top reasons!

1. They Smell

Not surprisingly this is top of our list. That dog smell, especially smaller dogs!
Whilst all dogs have an odor, it gets to the stage where it’s just too much to tolerate. Their bed smells, the sofa where they lie smells.
They jump on you for a cuddle and you can’t help but move your head back in horror. Give them a bath, wash the blankets or covers on the sofa and give their bed a good wash too. Use a Brush like this one to clean your sofas and beds.

2. They Are Dirty

Whilst them strutting in with mud socks to their elbows is a sure sign they need a wash, there are more subtle indications Fido is a little less than squeaky clean.
Look around the house, does he lie against the baseboards?
If so, you may start to notice dust and marks where he lies. If he rubs against the door frames as he walks into rooms, you may see patches start to appear.
If he has a light colored bed it may appear more murky than usual. Whilst he may not obviously look dirty, the signs around your home could tell a different story.

3. They Are Scratching Or Itching

Some dogs do suffer from dry or flaky skin for a range of reasons.
Sometimes trapped dander, dirt or impacted hair can exacerbate this problem.

When to wash your Dog? When to give your Dog bath?Pop him in the bath and use a soothing shampoo.
Massage the shampoo in well, you can even use a rubber paddle brush to help remove any impacted





4. Family Members Are Scratching Or Sneezing

Dog allergies are super-common, but it often doesn’t stop pet-parents from keeping a pooch in their life. Mild allergies can be managed with regular pet bathing. If family members struggle with hair or dander, keeping your pooch well-groomed can keep symptoms at bay. Use these Grooming tools if you need.

Regular bathing keeps dander under control. Remember that severe allergies are often linked to pet saliva, so in this instance, bathing will make no difference at all!

5. Flea Infestations

Depending on how you choose to manage fleas on your pooch, there are a number of flea-shampoos or DIY recipes available.
Bath your dog with an appropriate shampoo to rid them of those pesky fleas. Most flea shampoos contain the active ingredients permethrin or pyrethrin.

But there are more natural shampoos which include oils like citronella, lemongrass, cedar, clove and/or peppermint. These then work as a repellent.
Don’t forget to use your flea comb too!

Bonus Tip: Changes In Coat Appearance?

Depending on your breed, what they eat and their lifestyle you will know the typical appearance of your dog’s coat.
If you are concerned there is an associated health condition, make an appointment with your veterinarian.
But if their coat appears less shiny or soft or appears more greasy than normal, a bath will likely improve the situation.

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