What is Alabama Rot? 3 Immediate Warnings for Dog Owners

Issued in Public Interest by Doglost.co.uk. We want to spread awareness among Dog owners about this deadly disease and steps they can take to curb it.

What is Alabama Rot? And How can you prevent it?

If you're a Dog owner, you need to know this today.

Since 2012, this deadly disease has killed over 200 dogs in different parts of UK alone, and it is wildly spreading all over the world.
So what exactly is Alabama Rot?
Alabama Rot is a very rare but potentially life-threatening disease affecting dogs around the world. In the 1980s, many greyhounds on a race-track in Alabama got seriously ill. These dogs developed deadly lesions on their legs, chest, and abdomen which later led to kidney failure. Many of these dogs succumbed to these lesions and died. Because of it's origins, it was nicknamed "Alabama Rot". This is widely known as Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy (CRGV) among Veterinarians.
Alabama Rot is on the rise in the UK. The cause of this life-threatening disease is still unknown and that's why it's a huge concern for pet owners. If not spotted early enough, Alabama Rot can be fatal.

How to Spot Alabama Rot on your Dog?[Important]

1. Lesions/Ulcers/Sores: If your Dog develops a lesion or ulcers on the legs, abdomen, chest or even mouth without an injury, rush to the Vet as soon as possible. This is an early sign of the disease trying to take over your Dog's skin.
2. Lethargy/Loss of Energy: If you notice that your Dog has less energy than before, notice it's behavior. If you think, your dog is not as active as it used to be - your warning bell should ring.

3. Loss of Appetite: If you notice your dog eats less than it used to or ignores his favourite food even when it's hungry. Time to get this checked.
4. Vomiting: A lot of dogs with signs on Alabama Rot have shown this particular behaviour of vomiting. This is clearly an early-sign of your dog's deteriorating health. Without speculation, rush to your nearest Vet immediately.

Important Caution Steps to Prevent Alabama Rot and Save your Dog's Life!

1. Many cases of Alabama Rot in the UK have been reported between October and June - Highly likely that there is a seasonal and environmental trigger for the disease. When walking - stick to dry paths, or keep your dogs out of muddy or wet areas. 

2. Always make sure to wash your dog after a walk in the muddy grasslands. You can use this Dog Foot Cleaner to keep your dog's feet clean and tidy(Recommended by Doglost Staff)
3. Thoroughly check your Dog's legs, chest, abdomen, mouth and head for Sores/Ulcers or Lesions. They may appear small at first but grow very rapidly. Close inspection is very important for early detection of Alabama Rot.
3. If you're concerned with the 4 symptoms shown by your dog, take it to the Vet immediately for advice or proper diagnosis.
Some examples of Alabama Rot reported in UK :

How to prevent - Alabama Rot in UK What is Alabama Rot? Examples Alabama Rot UK - Mouth Lesions Alabama Rot UK map 
Alabama Rot outbreak in UK map.


  • I live in an area where Alabama Rot occurs. My vet tells me where he believes the hotspots are but because dog owners do not want to go to the expense of paying for autopsies he isn’t clear of the prevalence of the risk. I walk my dogs regularly where the theoretical risk is high but as the cause is unknown I feel safe. More research is needed.

    Ron Harris
  • Thanks for sharing this and making us aware and helping to keep our beloved dogs safe.

    Michelle Bateman
  • Couldn’t the map be bigger and therefore more specific??????

  • I have been aware of Alabama Foot Rot for some years. Each time I take my dog to the vet I ask if any cases have been reported locally. So far the nearest case was about 20k away in north Wales. The map you showed is very useful, would it be possibel to update it at times?
    Barbara Shropshire

    Barbara Ashton
  • Good info – thank you, will share

    Shiona Cameron

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