Our Tintin's Journey by Sharon Holloway

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Tintin, a male Jack Russell, was lost on the Staffordshire Moorlands from 29th
December until 22rd January 2016. With the help of the amazing local
community working together, Tintin was able to be returned to his heart
broken humans desperately waiting for him.

Whilst Tintin was lost the group used Facebook as a communication tool in
order to pass on any details and also in order to share the story to as many
people as possible. Amazingly by the time of Tintins return he had had 41,000
post shares which covered the UK and also many countries aboard.
When he was safe many people asked for the full story to be written in the
form of a book. At the time of searching we desperately needed night vision
goggles but unfortunately we had no access to any. The agreement was made
to write the book but only to fund the need for these goggles.

As time has gone by the response has been very positive and eventually Team
Tintin has been developed with a group of local people wanting to help.
All money raised will go towards the printing costs of the book with 100% of
the profits going to purchase the night vision goggles. Each pair will cost
between £800-900 and will be designated to an appropriate organisation
helping to re-unite lost dogs with their humans. The goggles will be loaned out
for free to help with the searches with any lost dogs in the future
The ultimate aim is to provide a pair of night vision goggles to as many
counties as possible to create a loaning service free of charge.

People may be surprised to hear but since Tintin returned home within our
local area alone, we have be called out to help another 6 other dogs. Bobby on
Ashbourne Road, little Rita from Barngate Street, Harvey from Endon, Lucky
and Ruben from Leekbrook and Sally from Biddulph all since February this year.
So although we did not want these incidents to happen it does at least confirm
that there is a genuine need for such equipment.

There are situations in life that can happen which might highlight the need to
act and to help in some small way to prevent or reduce such pain and anguish
again. Well this is how Team Tintin are trying to turn a little bit of bad into
hopefully a lot of good.

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